What is a certified hand therapist?

A certified hand therapist is an occupational therapist who has met the requirements of the Hand Therapist Certification Commission. This includes:

  • certified_hand_therapist.jpgCompletion of 5 years of experience in the profession of occupational therapy or physical therapy.
  • Completion of 4000 hours of treatment of patients with hand and upper extremity disorders or injuries.
  • Passage of the national Hand Therapy Certification Examination, demonstrating comprehensive knowledge in anatomy & physiology, theory, and advanced clinical skills in the treatment of shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand.

therapy_equipment.jpgCurrent figures for the United States show about 5,000 therapists have achieved this designation; 85% are occupational therapists and 15% are physical therapists.

For more information on the CHT credential, visit the Hand Therapy Certification Commission website at www.htcc.org/about/index.cfm