Why a Hand Therapist?

As medicine has evolved so has our knowledge base about every part and function of the body.  The amount of knowledge has required that some medical providers specialize in order to provide the best quality of care for complex diagnoses.  Hand surgery and hand therapy fall into that knowledge base.

Your hands are a critical part of your livelihood and ability to enjoy life.  Our therapists have dedicated their careers to helping you rehabilitate your arm and hand.  We do one thing and we do it very well.

We would love it if you choose our highly trained staff who have a combined average of 18 years of experience.  Our director, Kristin Gulick, has more years of experience and more years as a certified hand therapist than any other therapist in central Oregon.  You deserve this level of expertise as you rehabilitate.

You may wonder if you could do your therapy closer to home or with a general therapist.  Our hand and arm specialists provide a more thorough understanding of your problem and can, therefore, be more effective and thus shorten the length and overall cost of your treatment.

Experience and a broader base of unique and specific treatment programs provide better patient outcomes.