Managing the Upper Extremity Amputee: A Protocol for Success

Since the beginning of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, over 541 clients with major limb amputations have been seen in the Military Healthcare System. As a result of the nature and severity of injuries and the prevalence of concomitant injuries seen in this population, amputee care has become a specialized type of rehabilitative care at Walter Reed and Brooke Army Medical Centers.

Review of "Handwriting for Heroes"

"The authors have written a very exceptional workbook to help those individuals with dominant-hand problems regain their writing skills. Both authors state that this gives adults the opportunity to make positive changes in their life by utilizing well-designed, adult material and not children’s coloring books."

"Therapy for the Hands"

Bend Bulletin's Simply Ageless Magazine writer Bunny Thompson interviews our certified hand therapist, Kristin Gulick, to provide arthritis sufferers with information about treatments to maintain and extend hand function.